I started tagging in 1986, and my first graffiti dates back to 1989. For a quarter century, I have painted on walls—a lot of them I did with the MAC, my crew,
my ’bros. I do fewer these days, but I’m still at it. I feel like I’ve pretty much covered that ground, though I still enjoy coming back to the graffiti tradition of bringing together a bunch of different artists to paint walls and share these moments together.

What fascinates me is learning, drawing conclusions from my experiences and sharing. When I travel, I paint walls wherever I go. Often, I’m invited by local painters—it’s a longstanding tradition among graffiti artists. I get to stay with locals and eat as they do, so I don’t ever have to be a tourist when I visit a country. While I’m there, I paint with the materials they employ, which are different from what I’m used to using. I’m comfortable with that, I enjoy it.

These days, I’m officially ‘old school’—I get asked for advice and I share my knowledge, my experience. I talk about what’s happening back home, I tell people about how we changed our culture, the way my New York mentors like Bio Sonic 002 or Tkid did. In fact, I still take an interest in new generations of graffti artists.
I realised early on that we’re all connected. Everything we do should serve to keep us in touch with our people. When I travel, for instance, even though I seem to be leaving my family, I come back much enriched, with a wealth I can share. I’m not speaking of money, but experience, encounters, networks, love. I’ve gained awareness of how much our graffiti actually means
to others. What gives me pleasure is not so much being recognised, but being able to communicate without having to know the language of the country I’m in.

As artists, we take action, we crystallise an instant at time , we craft a message that bears witness to what’s going on at that precise moment. For me, that is the role of an artist, that’s my vision of it. I’m not pursuing art for art’s sake, and what really interests me is moving forward, evolving, attempting new things. I try not to repeat myself, not to get stuck in a rut. What I paint these days is very different from the graffiti I did 20 years ago.